YCCY (YMCA’s Community Center for Youth)

The Walla Walla YMCA’s Community Center for Youth (YCCY) is a FUN,
FREE, SAFE place for teens in our community to come together,
expand their horizons, play sports, video games and most
importantly BE TEENS!
Contact: Kerstin Fenton,
Location: The Armory
113 South Colville Street


Youth and Government
Teens learn the meaning and functionality of democracy in our nation
by assuming roles of elected state officials and researching, writing and
debating their bills. Students will learn how to write a bill, sharpen their
public speaking skills and be the voice of Eastern Washington. 500
students throughout the state will meet in the capitol building in
Olympia, WA in May to debate their bills and be heard. There will be
a dance at the end of the youth legislature in the capitol building to
conclude the year.
Contact: Kerstin Fenton, kfenton@wwymca.org, 525-8863
Location: YMCA Boardroom
Ages: Students in grades 8-12
Dates: 11/4 to mid-May 2016
Days: 1st & 3rd Tuesday every month
Times: 5-6:15 PM
Fee: $220 includes instruction as well as transportation/food for
trips and application fee for the week Youth Legislature Conference in
Olympia, WA. Scholarships & fundraising opportunities available. $ 50
deposit due by Dec. 15th.


The CIT program teaches management and leadership skills and
provides basic training in such areas as time management and
curriculum development. The CIT curriculum exposes participants to all
of the same training that YMCA counselors go through. Participants
will alternate between a hands on experience working with a specific
age group or shadowing adult counselors and learning-based
experiences including group discussion, panels, workshops and
lectures. Participation in CIT programs can lead to leadership
opportunities at school, the YMCA, in extracurricular activities and
employment opportunities.
Ages: 12-15
Dates: 1/13 – 3/16
Days: Wednesdays 2:30 PM

Fee: Family Plus $50
Youth Individual $55
Program Participant $69